Dominick A Leone
Dominick A. Leone is the author, and editor, of
Mr. Leone holds a Masters of Science in Physiology and Biophysics from Georgetown University. He was born and raised in Orlando, FL, and moved back in July 2006. An avid reader, and amateur aviator, Dominick has a wide range of interests, from medicine to business. He has started several companies in Florida including Promethean, KC Sky Enterprises, and Dealers’ Only Network.

As a co-founder of KC Sky Enterprises, Dominick A. Leone serves as the Vice-President of Sales and Marketing as well as the Health & Travel Director. KC Sky –
Jet Movement Solutions (JMS) is a service offered small-business, C-level corporations, and individual owners of business jets. JMS demos, delivers, and recovers business jets from both remote and international locals. JMS also offers services to new owners to help train their pilots upon acquisition of new aircraft.

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